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Heavy duty flexible hose Auto Feed Box for high-pressure water jet

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Heat Exchanger Cleaning

The most popular cleaning method for Heat Exchanger

is ‘High Pressure Jet’ Originally, it was worked by the operation staffs to manual feed the Hose into the Heat Exchanger Tubes which those operation staffs have to put on PPE equipment such Chemical Protection Suit , Face Shield , Chemical Resistant Gloves , Head Protection and Safety Boots to prevent the possibly hazards. It shows that a lot of PPE equipments become truly obstacle against working process. Which we, Auto Feed Service (Thailand) has realized this problem, thus we have designed and manufactured the Hose Feeder to solve the above problems. The Auto Feed Machine is superior over operation staffs as follows.

heat exchanger cleaning


Do not need people to manual feed the Hose so there is no accident caused by high-pressure water.


Just one-person operation for cleaning


The hose will be released constant speed throughout the tube.

Why you should select our Auto Feed Machine?

Although there are many choices of Auto Feed machines for your optional but we confidence that you can find these things from our Auto Feed only.

Our advantages

  • Our machine is truly durable (Heavy Duty) than another brands. Since we use all best materials and equipment, so every single part is also special thicknesses and confirm by engineering principle design. This can be assured that the machine will not ruin or damage while working.
  • Our device and control unit are worked by pneumatic hence there is no worry to apply with Hydrocarbon plant.
  • Our large and strength support bar which will not vibrate while working.
  • Our lug for support bars are specially designed to apply to a wide variety sizes of stud from 15 to 30 mm with no need to change any lug and easy setup in a level position..
  • Our drive unit can be free unlocking to allow machine move position quickly without air supplied.
  • Due to the Auto Feed machine have to work under wet or moist conditions which lead the bearings to go rusty and easily damaged. However, this problem will not happen to our machine since we apply Ceramic Bearing on it.
  • 7. If your machine is broken while still in use, we also have standby machine while your machine is under maintenance, thus you will not lose the opportunity to progress your urgent tasks. (Around Map Ta Put area only)
  • Our machines will not damage even it run exceeds working range.
  • We have a full range of spare parts ready for immediate repairing services and Overhaul.
  • Our Auto Feed is cheaper than other imported brands, so this pretty much saving will lead worth investment against short-term payback.
  • We offer one-year machine warranty (the warranty excludes damage caused by deteriorating from working such Wheels and Bearings)

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6 Wheels Drive

heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service

Our machines feeding hose by 6 wheels drive with Air Motor.

2 Lines 8-16 mm.

heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _8_1

Our machines can feed 2 lines simultaneously from sizes 8-16 mm without changing any new wheel.

Belt Tension Adjusting Screw

heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _9

Our machines are installed screw for easily adjusting belt tension.

Auto Feed Box

Heavy duty flexible hose Auto Feed Box for high-pressure water jet

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Product Details

“No more accident on ultra high pressure water jet”

Accident caused from using High Pressure Jet will be away since no people grab Flexible Hose while cleaning Heat Exchanger which become the best way to prevent workers from accidents. The Auto Feed Box by Auto Feed Service can perfectly eliminate Hose line staff with only use single worker to control it.

heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _2
heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _1
heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _3

Auto Feed 1 Set Include

Auto Feed Box 1 set

Standard bar 3 meters length 3 pieces

Pneumatic control unit 1 set

heat exchanger cleaning

Auto Feed was conducted use and has been recognized by many leading companies as follows;

heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _4
heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _5
heat exchanger cleaning auto feed service _6

Comparison cleaning by Auto Feed Machine and unsafe feed by worker


Specific work training

PPE (Chemical Protection Suit / Chemical Resistant Gloves / Safety Boots /Face Shield )


Labor Forces (Related to Social Security and Accidental Insurance)


The damage rate of Hose

Foot valve

High pressure jet pump and engine life

Cleaning ability

Flex hose loose prevention 

Feeding speed control

Installation and working at site


Manual (Feed by worker)

Need to take training course before start working (Expenditures)

Full PPE equipments (expenditures)

5-20 staffs - Depends on sizes of Heat Exchanger


Often damaged due to the hose always loose and rub with tube edge.


1 Staff pedals on Foot valve

Shorter, due to frequent of pedals rate on foot valve which make high pressure jet machine rpm swinging up and down all the time.


Cleaning can make only one way since operator staff concerns about accident. Also, hose feed is required before pedals Foot valve, thus the early part of tube will unclean.


No locking, cause of accident cases.

Unstable - Depends on operation staff.

Scaffolding needs to be adjusted if Heat Exchanger seems higher level than staff or inconvenient position.


Auto Feed Box


Standard PPE only

1 staff only

Not damage due to the machine will release hose through the centre of the Tube


Use Dump valve with remote from control unit


Longer due to continued running.

Two ways cleanability.

Yes. 100% Safe.

Stable - Adjustable as needed.

One time set up till completed work.

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